Friday Find: Vans Owens Hi 2

After scarfing down some grub in the food court today I strolled into the Vans store to see if anything jumped out at me. I already own way too many pairs of sneakers but like a fatty in McDonalds I can't say no to something that grabs my eye. If you're like me you try to rep your colors all year round. I'm not the type that wears a jersey in the off season, but I like to keep some orange and blue in my wardrobe all 12 months of the year. Although the blue in these sneakers isn't exactly royal they are close enough to be a necessity in my collection.  To be honest if they were royal, they might look pretty gross. I'm saving these bad boys for opening day in April. After further inspection I noticed that these particular sneakers are a signature BMX style from my old buddy Chase Hawk. I met Chase back when he was around 15 years old in his hometown Austin, TX around 2003. At the time I owned a clothing brand called Manmade and Chase was on the cusp of being known worldwide for his talents on a bicycle. We became friends and he eventually ended up on my team of sponsored riders. I closed the doors on Manmade around 2007 and by then Chase was a household name with anyone who's anyone in BMX. Now he is emulated by every kid coming up and has sponsors out the ass. Although Chase moved on to new things before Manmade was dead I'm proud to say that I was one of his first sponsors. It's awesome how far he has come. Having fun, riding a bike, traveling the world and getting paid to do something he loves... that's the life.

Vans Video Vault: Chase Hawk - More BMX Videos

If you'd like to pick up these sneakers head over to your favorite Vans dealer or shop online HERE with our old friends from EMPIRE BMX for $59.95. If you never owned a pair of Vans they fit true to size and keep your feet feeling happy all day. Great all around sneaker.

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