Drinking Lesson: How To Shotgun A Beer

It's kind of surprising how many people have never shotgunned a beer or even know how it's done. Maybe you're just a tad bit too mature, didn't go away to college or just don't feel the need to drink fast. Whatever the case may be this isn't a new concept. These photos were shot about 2.5 years ago in the Shea Stadium parking lot. The Mets were playing a day/night double header against the Phillies and we head to the stadium with over 100 beers between just two of us. We knew we'd be there all day and nobody likes to run out of beer. We made friends with a couple girls who used us for our ice. They were drinking warm vodka cranberry's since they dumbly forgot that minor detail for their cocktails. They ended up being pretty cool and we gladly gave them ice and shared our beer with their younger brother. Obviously I didn't proof the kid but he ended up being 20 and got in some shit for an open container and being underage. OOPS. One of the girls was trying to get a little frisky on me but I shut that down real quick after noticing some crap growing on her lip. It was getting close to game time for game #2 so we invited other fans parked near us to kill off the rest of the cooler. Shotgunning would be our quickest option and that's just what we did. I'm not sure who the guy is in these photos with me (I'm on the right) but this was his first time and he definitely was not a natural. If you're seeing this now shoot me an e-mail, I'll send you some free stuff. Have fun and drink responsibly.

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