Friday Find: Animal Bike New Era Hats

This weeks Friday Find comes from our friends at Animal Bikes. These hats dubbed the "Amazins" come in your choice of two colorways. Since these were release over a year ago stock is low on sizes, but at the price of $10 for a rare New Era you really can't go wrong. Animal is a local bmx brand with NYC/NJ roots. Their team of riders are well known for their "street" style, which to those not in the know is what you'd call grinding on anything you'd see in a real street setting. Animals inception came back in 2000 and are now known globally in and out of the BMX world. Animal were always awesome to me back when I was riding on the regular so hopefully we can return the favor by helping to liquidate the rest of their stock. If you run a size 7 3/4,  7 7/8 or 8 they got you covered. If you have a smaller head and want to track down a lid, try searching the net for another retailer that may have some left. Click these links to shop: BLUE/ORANGE BLACK/BLUE/ORANGE

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