Interview: O'SHEA - 5PTZ

I heard about the Mets inspired pieces up at the legendary graff spot 5PTZ last year and put out the word that I was interested to work with whoever the creators were. My inbox was flooded with people saying that they "could" do something close and even a few posers taking false credit. Once I saw the photo proof I knew I found my artists. We tossed ideas back and forth for a bit and landed on this idea of a parody Mets beer called O'Shea. The print is available on black tees/hoodies over on our webstore. They'll be discounted 10% for today only. I asked him a few questions back before the release.... First off.. what should we call you? "O-Shea-ism" For those who haven't heard of 5 Ptz can you give them a brief rundown of what it's about? Do you need a permit or is it a free for all? "5ptz is a place to paint in Long Island City, with some great walls you can see from the 7 line train. It is open to all, people just have to submit artwork for approval from meres." I heard 5 Ptz may be closing down. Any update on that? "Not too much has changed since the owner made a public announcement about building something new on the property. It's still being painted and should be around for awhile. They are going to work it all out." As for the Mets wall how many people were behind it? Just trying to give credit where it's due. "There were four of us painting the wall that day. Big meres one, nsiter writer, the franchise, and myself." What did you personally paint? "I painted the O'Shea piece, the large Mr met and some of the background. " You told me you guys all met up on opening day to get cracking on the wall. Can you give us a short story about how it went down? Did you all hit the game after? "Opening day is always something to celebrate and we wanted to paint a Mets themed wall facing the 7 line for the occasion. We hit the beer distributor at 8 am for inspiration. Got to the wall at 9 am and we didn't stop till we were done. Top to bottom, left to right, one shot. As the wall started to take shape the Mets fans on the 7 train started going by. We could see some people really getting excited. Got a lot of waves, thumbs up and fuck yeahs. We finished painting the wall and the 36 packs. Rode by on the train and all went to the game. Got there right as it started. Actually my first Opening Day in the new stadium." Now onto The 7 Line shirt you designed. We were throwing ideas back and forth and landed on the O'Shea beer label. What can you tell the readers about this design? "We were trying to figure out some new visuals we could put to the Shea name. Some word play to commemorate the old stadium. We went through a couple of ideas and came up with a beer label to honor some of the achievements the Mets had in the stadium. I feel it reminds me of sitting in Shea, watching the game from the bleachers, surrounded by good people with a cold foamy beer. " Is this your first time designing t-shirt artwork? " It is my first Mets Shirt, but not my first tshirt design. " Anyone you want to shout out? "All of the Mets fans worldwide and The 7 Line for making it happen. For the fans, by the fans."

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