Photo: Citi Field new wall update

If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook you know my stance on buying tickets. I feel since tickets are never hard to come by shelling out loot before the season just doesn't make sense. With the way the teams been playing tickets are often sold below face value and even free when people have extras inside McFaddens during the pre-game festivities. The only games I regularly plan ahead for is opening day and the Subway Series. Some people enjoy having the same seat at every game they attend so that may play into their decision. Personally, I like the freedom to roam around and get a different perspective. Until the Mets start selling out like Boston and Philly I just see no real urgency to buy ahead of time. That being said, last year I did rent out a suite at the low low price of several thousand dollars. Of course that was paid beforehand and was the only time except for opening day and the "Don't Trade Reyes" rally that I bought tickets ahead of time. I stopped by Citi Field today to drop off some calendars and to talk to my ticket rep Chris about renting out the new wall seating in LF. I was calling it "The Apple Bleachers" back when the approved plans were released since our friend Randy from whipped up the idea for his blog before the Mets did. The section is going to be an all you can eat/drink (beer) area that seats around 100 people. If you look at the photo I quickly photoshopped the new wall area so you can get the general idea. The grey area represents where the new section will be just along the new 8 ft wall. There will be stools and a small bar right up against the wall. The red circle shows where the fence has been cut out. That will be where the stairs to get down to the section will be built. They aren't exactly sure how the food/beer will be organized yet, but I assume there will be a small bar with beer taps and a few chafing dishes with burgers and dogs along the back wall. The price for the section has not been determined yet but it is going to be roughly $100 per person. Once they figure out the menu, prices and service charges I will let you all know the date that I lock down. You're all invited and hopefully we can sell out the section. $100 for all you can eat/drink and a ticket to the game sounds like a great deal to me.  I'll make a special t-shirt for the day and that will also be included in the price.   This photo shows the new fences in front of the bullpen. I know they aren't finished but they look extremely flimsy. For the players sake I really hope they throw some padding on there too. The Modells Clubhouse is now partially outdoors which is cool, but if they pad the fence the fans won't be able to see much of the action. Hopefully they have something in the works for both players and fans. Lucky for Jason Bay he's in LF. With football done, being in the park today really got me back into baseball mode. Pitchers and catchers report in just 2 weeks and I'm headed down I-95 for my first taste of Spring Training baseball shortly after that. In the words of the Jets Bart Scott "CAN'T WAIT!"  

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