Mets: Party Deck Menu Released

My ticket dude Chris L. just e-mailed over this Party Deck package information. I obviously photoshopped it a bit to include our prices, logo and text. The minimum tickets I have to buy to lock down a date is 25. The deck does hold 100 people so I can get more tickets as needed once the initial 25 are gone. The price to me is slightly cheaper but I had to factor in the service charge, tax, t-shirt and most importantly TIP. I've worked many jobs based strictly on tips and I'd never want to have our party look like a bunch of cheap-o's. After paying for your package you will not be responsible for dropping another dime. The dates I am looking at: Value $125: Friday 7pm, April 20th against the Giants. Classic $150: Saturday 1pm, April 7th against the Braves. Saturday 1pm, April 21st against the Giants. Monday May 28th. (Memorial Day) 1pm, against the Phillies. Premium $175: Saturday night 7pm, June 16th against the Reds. If you're interested in joining us please comment on this post with the date you'd like to attend. I will lock down a date by this weekend if we have enough interest.

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