TONIGHT: Remembering Gary Carter

It's crazy how many peoples lives can be touched by a man they've never met. As a fan since birth in 1980 Gary became a Met just as I was old enough to follow the sport. I never met Gary, but like most of you the stories told by others tell you how he lived his life as a stand up man on and more importantly off the field. After reading on twitter and facebook that some fans would like to stop by Citi Field to pay their respects, I decided to take the initiative to contact the Mets to try and coordinate something. I told them we are planning to show up at 7pm and it would be nice of them to open one of the gates to allow fans who are driving to park. I haven't gotten a confirmed YES yet but we are showing up either way. If you are taking the 7 train you can walk right in near the apple. If you'd like to meet up at the site of his first game as a Met we'll be there at 7pm. If you are driving and the gates aren't open you can park for free under the highway on the north side of the stadium. I'm personally bringing a candle but feel free to do anything you feel fitting. SPREAD THE WORD. RIP KID.

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