Photos: Remembering Carter

Here are some photos from tonight at Citi Field. I feel weird saying "thank you for coming" because this wasn't something put on for me. I wanted to bridge the gap between fans and used The 7 Line's reach to connect us all. Instead, to those who showed up... thank you for being a part of it. Even with short notice I'd say at least 50 people came by to pay their respects to Gary. We stood right around home plate where "The Kid" himself spent the majority of his time. Candles lined the base line from home plate all the way around to each of the plaques and I think that gave the night a nice touch. Candle light flickering where Gary brought so much to the game... always fighting with a contagious smile that energized the fan base. I didn't read them all yet but one message on the poster board stood out to me:
"Thanks for refusing to make the last out. LGM. -Sean S."
Couldn't have said it better myself. Fought until the end. Sad to see him go but glad his pain is over. RIP KID

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