PSL: Day 2 and 3

Although a pool photo may seem like rubbing it in to you folks back in NY, it's really quite the opposite. I'm trying my best to document this experience to motivate you all to get down here at some point in the future. Even though I've only been here a couple days I've soaked in enough to realize that a trip like this NEEDS to be experienced by every die hard fan. The sights and sounds are something that you'll never duplicate at the ball park in Queens. Young and old, the fans here are dedicated to this team regardless of the outside expectations. While Citi Field might draw thousands of fans on a given day a good chunk of them have no real interest in the game. Spring Training is the complete opposite. To them this isn't just something to do... they LOVE it. Now I don't mean to take anything away from those who simply can't make it down here. Of course it doesn't make you any less of a fan, just pointing out that this experience will change your outlook on the sport. Watching the youngsters compete for a roster spot, fan interaction with the players, clear as day dialog between Terry Collins and the team, watching the drills, hearing the players joke with eachother... to some it may sound boring, but to a fan it's history panning out in front of their eyes. FUN = TEAMWORK TEAMWORK = WINNING WINNING = FUN I personally think it all starts and ends with the FUN factor. Granted you cant invent talent, but to get to the MLB level somebody believed in them and their abilities. They're getting paid to play a sport and when they realize that should be FUN they'll WIN. No pressure, no expectations.. just work hard, stay motivated and watch the W's pile up. Keep Calm and Cheer On. LGM 2012!

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