Spring training season officially starts tonight at 6:10 pm down here in PSL! The boys have been training for a couple weeks and tonight the Braves are in town for the pre-season match up. Not sure how wild a tailgate party gets for a game that doesn't necessarily count, but I'm headed over there in an hour or so to polish off some beers with the other fanatics who are excited about this seasons kickoff. The last few days have been pretty awesome. Met a ton of really nice people and everyone is super laid back. Last night the Mets had a bowling night at Duffy's and I'm pretty sure everyone was in attendance with the exception of Duda. Players wives, parents and children were there to support their celeb family members and at least 50 fans were present to take it all in. The man of the night was without a doubt Byrdak who had a perfect game in to the 9th frame. He ended the streak with a spare and struck out the 10th. A very respectable 279. It was funny watching some of the players who were pretty terrible on the lanes. Their million dollar talents in baseball just didn't transfer over to bowling. I guess it's an acquired skill that some of them skipped on. I love the unity I have been seeing with this squad. Everyone seems to be getting along and I notice a real strong connection between the guys. Hopefully that brotherhood mentality can translate in to wins. Matt Cerrone from , Shannon from a few other fans and yours truly jumped on a lane to toss down some strikes of our own. We should organize something on a night back in NY so the rest of our comrades can attend. Fun times guys! If you've been checking in you may have seen the Darth Dickey poster that was posted up outside Digital Domain Park since last Thursday morning. I guess someone liked it enough to jack it because yesterday it went missing. It's now been replaced with some of the 8 flyer's for the Gary Carter Foundation t-shirt. Not going to comment at all about the new financial situation with the team. They're pretty much screwed and as fans that is out of our hands. The show must go on... KEEP CALM AND CHEER ON! LGM 2012!

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