Ike Davis Bday / RIP KID T-shirt

Today is Ike's B-day and he just so happens to be wearing his RIP KID shirt from The 7 Line in the clubhouse. A video surfaced on Twitter and was brought to my attention from fellow Mets fan @tommyc325. If you remember Johan's Bday recently there was also a RIP KID shirt in the background of that video. Looks like it's be come a trend to wear in the clubhouse or under their uniforms. It's a great feeling to see the players wearing the shirts. I gives me great joy to be doing something positive for the Gary Carter Foundation and it's awesome that the players are wearing them to honor the Kid. Need to give a hat tip once again to Justin Turner for being the link between myself and the rest of the clubhouse. I made them but he did the honor of distributing them out. If you'd like to pick up a shirt to make a donation to the Gary Carter Foundation you can purchase one HERE. Happy B-Day Ike and RIP KID!

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