Big News With McFaddens

I just got in from McFadden's and I am happy to announce some great news! It was my pleasure to meet with the new GM Brian Begos to talk about different ways we can collaborate this season. The first order of business is Opening Day. As you may have seen earlier on Twitter and Facebook McFadden's is giving away a free beer to everyone wearing a shirt from The 7 Line! It's their way of thanking you guys for the ongoing support over the past two seasons. Show up in your shirt from The 7 Line and we will give you a voucher to trade in for the free beer! McFaddens and The 7 Line have built a strong relationship over the past couple years and it's been our pleasure to work with them. As you may know, McFadden's is our main sponsor for this years calendar, The 12 Months of Orange and Blue. We felt like they were a great fit since most of our customers love McFaddens as much as we do. This Opening Day they have invited the Calendar Girls to come hang out before the game for a signing. We will be set up with t-shirts and calendars from 10am until game time and the signing itself will be around 11am. We'll have an assortment of t-shirts for sale and every shirt sold gets a free calendar that you can then get signed. Secondly, Brian gave us the green light to set up a merch table in McFaddens one time per home stand! That is HUGE for us and we can't thank him enough for that. We'll have all the latest designs with us for you to pick up before the games. Stay tuned for specific dates! And with that... watch the calendar teaser again.. it doesn't get old.... See you all at McFaddens! 13 days until the season kicks off! KEEP CALM AND CHEER ON! LGM!

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