Big Pelf: Finger Licking Good

Was messing around with some design ideas and this popped in my head. Unfortunately there's not much of a market right now for a Big Pelf inspired t-shirt, but I whipped it up anyway. Pretty simple design with a saliva looking font. If you don't get it, Pelf is known to lick his hand excessively while on the mound. I really hope whatever is going on with him can be corrected ASAP. I think he might just need something as simple as a confidence boost. Not everyone is cut out for the NY market and maybe this just isn't the place for him. It's a good thing he doesn't have a twitter account... the fans and press alike can be pretty brutal. In 2010 he had a visible swag about him; went 10-1 in the first half and was loved by this fan base. I refuse to believe that was a fluke. Like many players his performances are very hit and miss... although these days it's more so "miss". The swag is gone and he's become the new public enemy #1. I like Pelf... hopefully he figures it out. Somebody get this dude some mojo.

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