Carter Flyer - Opening Day

The Mets officially announced yesterday that they will be honoring Gary Carter before the game on Opening Day. By now most, if not all of the fans of The 7 Line know about our efforts to raise money for the Gary Carter Foundation. The fans and players alike have been behind this cause and we are proud to announce that the t-shirt sales have brought in just over $6,700 so far that we will be donating to the foundation. The flyer you see above is set to 8.5 x 11. We encourage you to print it out to bring with you to the game. The Carter family will be a part of a pre game ceremony and they will be throwing out the first pitch. I feel it would be a nice way to show our support from the stands. To print: Click the image above. Once it opens click on it again to make sure you get the full size. It should then enlarge to the standard paper size of 8.5 x 11. If you are on a PC right click your mouse and save it to your desktop. On a Mac just drag it to your desktop. Then find the file on your desktop and press print. Pretty simple! Feel free to bring multiple copies for your section, but we encourage you to not litter on the Citi Field property! Be respectful and bring it home with you after the game. We don't want to add to the already tough job the cleaning crew has after a busy game like Opening Day. RIP KID

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