R.A. signed tshirt: Even Lesbians Love Dickey

[caption id="attachment_1227" align="alignnone" width="600" caption="Signed t-shirt by R.A. Dickey - Even Lesbians Love Dickey - The7Line"][/caption] Before last season started I received an email from a group of girls. They had a great idea and I just had to make it come to life. The idea... a t-shirt that said EVEN LESBIANS LOVE DICKEY. How could you not smile at that? I created the graphic, showed the girls and proceeded with the t-shirt design. During last summer fans were e-mailing us saying that they were getting their shirts signed by R.A. and that he was getting a kick out of it. This was before I had the opportunity to meet R.A. so I was unsure how he would respond. It was refreshing to hear that he had a sense of humor. Rumor has it that even Jose Reyes was wearing one in the clubhouse last season before a game. I ended up mailing a shirt to one of the girls down in Virgina, and she asked R.A. to sign it for her before a game against the Nationals. She held on to it for a bit and it arrived on my doorstep this morning.  What an awesome surprise! Thanks Rebecca Waddington! This shirt is currently really low on stock, but we will be printing more once the season starts. If you didn't know, we have since teamed up with R.A. and a portion of each shirt sold bearing his name in our line goes to the Kilimanjaro Outreach / Bombay Teen Challenge charity.

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