Daniel Murphy: #IMWITH28 just posted this photo of Daniel Murphy in his #IMWITH28 shirt! (says: #IMWITH and a big 28 on the back) MP contacted me about 2 months ago about these tees and since I'd be printing them I suggested a collaboration. That way I could print, sell, and distribute out of my warehouse to make all our lives a little easier. They said since "You're the t-shirt guy" that made sense and we rolled with the idea. The limited edition green shirts were scooped up pretty quick before St. Patrick's Day but there are still a few left for you slow pokes. We also have a good amount of blue tees left too. GET ONE HERE. Hop on over to to read about how #IMWITH28 came to light and what MP has planned for a Murph campaign to the ASG.

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