RIP KID: The word is spreading!

Shout out to Adam Ramz aka @NyNjSportsGuy for tweeting us this photo. Adam's got the right idea for Opening Day. He printed out a flyer for himself and multiples for the people around him. It looks like that may be his work desk which is even smarter.. have your job front the bill! This isn't about The 7 Line.. it's about Gary and the Carter family. This brand gives me a platform to spread the word and it gives me great joy to do charity work for a good cause in the name of a fallen Mets hero. If I was standing on the field and fans in the crowd were honoring my husband/father while holding this up it would be a moment I'd never forget. Not saying that this is the ONLY way to pay your respects, but it has the potential to be a moment I'd be proud to be a part of in Citi Field's early history. RIP KID. CLICK HERE TO BE BROUGHT TO THE FLYER DOWNLOAD! Thank you.

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