R.A. On The Hill and Rauch is ready!

Remember that custom shirt I made for Jon Rauch? He mailed me one of his Nike dri-fit shirts and asked if I could print the Darth Dickey design on it. Are you kidding? Of course! He said he'd like to wear it under his jersey on days when R.A. is on the mound.... and today is just that day! If you don't know, R.A. is a Star Wars nut, and I designed that last season just before the "Star Wars Night" at Citi Field. Dickey loved it and we teamed up to raise money for the Kilimanjaro Outreach during his climb. A portion of each Darth Dickey shirt sold goes to the charity. I woke up to see this photo was sent out on his Twitter account. SO AWESOME! Good luck today guys! LGM!

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