Here an 8. There an 8. Everywhere an 8.

[nggallery id=5] I was so happy to see the amount of support the crowd had for Gary Carter and his family on Opening Day. Everywhere I looked I saw an 8. Either a Carter Jersey, one of our flyers or a RIP KID t-shirt. CLICK THE ABOVE PHOTOS TO ENLARGE. Michael Baron allowed me to use the photo of myself and the one of Johan Santana. Unfortunately I'm texting in my photo, but to my credit the ceremony didn't begin yet. I'd hate to be that guy. Johan had his RIP KID shirt on all day and was seen before and after the game rocking it during his interviews. It's such a great feeling to be the link between the t-shirts and the charity and I can't thank the Mets players enough for wearing them. THANK YOU GUYS!

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