You guys have been asking about this one since the end of last season and the time has come to make it happen. THE DUDA-BIDES! These are up as a PRE-SALE and will not ship until AT LEAST 4/18. That means if you are looking to buy any of the other shirts in our line you should do so separately. Otherwise your whole order will be held up until these are ready to ship.         We also sold out of our last toddler t-shirts and decided to release these new BORN TO BELIEVE shirts. As Met fans most of us didn't have a decision which team we were going to root for. Odds are your family members were Met fans and they passed the torch off to you. Kids of die hards are no exception and just like us they will be trained to BELIEVE. Fan Katie Barrett Zedlovich submitted the idea and I whipped up the graphic earlier today. After the photo got over 200 "likes" on Facebook in about an hour I knew Katie came up with a winner. These are also set as a PRE-SALE until the 18th and are available in both toddler and youth sizes.   Thanks Katie! I will get some out to you as soon as they go to print! Time to go shopping guys! 
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