4 Bagger! No booing!

I'm not usually one to blog about standings and I almost never do game recap posts. That being said, this 4 game start the Mets are on deserves some text. Let me start off by saying that I am ashamed that Pelf and Bay were booed during the Opening Day ceremony. Sure you can be disappointed by their past performances and sub par Spring Trainings but you're booing guys who are Mets whether you like it or not. Want to boo Fred, Jeff or Saul... go right ahead. They don't suit up and go to to battle every night out on the field. The Mets players are who we support. And we should have their backs. Booing is a sure way to hurt the guys confidence even more. I can only imagine how they must feel. The craft they've been working on their whole lives to perfect just isn't working out right now. Sure, I feel the same way when I see them give up the lead or strike out with men in scoring position, but this early in the season you should be behind every player in our uniforms. You guys were booing before the first pitch of the season! And those boos would be turned to cheers just a few short minutes later if Bay had hit a HR in the first. I personally cheered for every name on the staff... either a clap, whistle or yell. They are all labeled as "underdogs" and you're a Mets fan... save the boos for LAAARRRYYYY. Remember when Beltran was booed for so long that he didn't even want to come out of the dugout for a curtain call? The players remember the booing and even though they are millionaires it has to hurt their confidence. And if you follow me on Twitter/Facebook or read one of my old blogs... CONFIDENCE = WINNING and winning sure is fun right? So anyway, that was a bit of a ramble I didn't plan on. These 4 games have been AWESOME! What a start right?!? The team that is expected to do NOTHING swept the division rival Braves and took the first game against the Nats in walk off fashion. I'm loving it, but as Mets fans we are always looking over our shoulder for the black cloud. For our sake I hope it gets hit by a cold front and shifts to Philly. I know, I know.. it's ONLY 4 games, but they are 4 games against guys in our division. I say this every summer. These games are more important to us than the damn Subway Series (which has lost it's appeal) and count towards the meaningful games we hope to play late in September. Beat down on our division every opportunity we get. To the team: Keep those heads up, stay strong, play hard and HAVE FUN! To the fans: It's April, get behind EVERY player, no booing and also HAVE FUN! LGM 2012! Keep Calm and Cheer On! 

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