Fan of the night: Sean Sullivan

I met Sean Sullivan aka @spsully712 last season at Citi Field. It was a gloomy weeknight and we chopped it up over multiple beers up in the Pepsi Porch deck area. I had a few too many that night and if my memory serves me right, he had the Alcohol Compliance guys tell him to chill out with the heckling of some opposing fans. I'm sure he wasn't overly rude, just the normal smack talk you'd expect when seeing other teams colors on our turf. A month or so later he wore our 9/21 Piazza t-shirt "tears to cheers" shirt underneath his tux during his wedding and we've met up numerous times at Strawberry's in Douglaston and at random games. I can tell the guy is genuinely a nice dude and I'm happy he is part of The 7 Line community. Last night he was hitting the stadium during the new T-shirt Tuesday promotion at Citi Field and decided to make this sign to give props to both for coming up with the #IMWITH28 hash tag and us for printing the t-shirts. We only have a few left in stock but plan on making more soon. After Murphs lackluster performance in the field, and quiet bat I think Sully is retiring from the sign game for good. Way to blow the undefeated season man! Kidding..... LGM! KEEP CALM AND CHEER ON!

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