Fan of the day: Curt Hawkins

  This guy on the left look familiar? That's WWE Superstar Curt Hawkins! Curt is a NY guy and hits the games when he is back in town. If you follow him on Twitter you know the life of a wrestler has him on the road a lot. We've been talking since last season through the interweb but haven't had the chance to meet up yet. After noticing that he was following The 7 Line on Twitter I did a search of his name in our records and found out he was a customer. I feel like guys in his shoes prob get a lot of hand outs, and I would for sure have sent him some free bees, but he spent money on them anyway. Pretty damn awesome! Curt hit the game yesterday (in our Bobby V shirt) and since I'm in Florida at the moment it's just another time that our paths haven't crossed. Thanks for the support Curt! We'll catch up this season for sure. Beers on me!

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