R.A. DICKEY: Wherever I wind up

Yesterday I finished reading R.A. Dickey's book "Wherever I wind up" while sitting pool side in Pensacola Florida. I've been on vacation since Monday and took the book along with me for the trip. I haven't voluntarily read a book since College about 10 years ago. That's sad to say, but it's the truth. I get my daily reading in through newspapers, websites and blogs. I tend to lose my attention span pretty easily and the books I have tried, I end up losing interest in after a few pages. Any outside noise usually distracts me too. I'm also not very good at sitting still. All the ingredients for a terrible reader. I decided that I was going to try my best to read R.A.'s book, but after starting I realized I didn't need to try.... I couldn't put it down. From page 1 to 340 I was completely zoned in. I don't want to give up any details for those who plan on reading, but his life story is amazing. Very inspirational and gave me a different outlook about how I can better my own life. Dickey tries to live in a way that will better him as a husband, father, family member, friend and ball player. He has faith in God and prays that he will be the best he can in every situation. Doesn't pray to strike out Price Fielder, he asks God to give him the strength to try the best he can in the battle. You don't need to be a baseball fan or religious person to respect his life journey. Not even a few minutes after I put the book down I received a Tweet with the above photo from Scot Reutzel aka @PorcelainSkyLLC . He had his book signed down in Nashville, TN and was wearing our DARTH DICKEY shirt in the process. Thanks Scot! And thanks again to R.A. for being so cool with The 7 Line. It's an honor to team up with you for the Kilimanjaro Outreach charity. Everyone head out and pick up a copy! I am so happy the way things worked out for R.A., he deserves it. I promise that you'll love it.

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