Photos: Phillies vs Mets at Citizens Bank Park

[nggallery id=6] I drove down to Philadelphia this morning to catch game three of what I hoped would be a series sweep. I posted on Twitter a few days ago asking if anyone had tickets they were looking to either sell or swap for a bunch of merch from The 7 Line. A few minutes later Mets hurler Jon Rauch hit me up saying that he'd leave a pair at the will call window. I was going to use Stub Hub as my next resort, but after Jon offered I graciously accepted. I printed up a custom shirt for him recently and he said it was my payback. Pretty damn cool of him to reach out and return the favor. My girlfriend and I got to Citizens Bank Park with enough time to grab a beer at McFadden's before heading in to our seats. Like Citi Field, their McFadden's is also attached to the stadium. The do have us beat though with an outdoor bar, table seating and a stage set up with a band playing. You can also go back and forth from the bar to the stadium, unlike Citi where once you're in you can't leave. We opted for the nacho bowl as our meal and I gotta say it was worth every penny of the $8.75 price tag. Kelly, my girlfriend, is a vegetarian so her bowl might look a little on the light side to you. I chose the BBQ chicken and it was piled high. If you've ever been to Digital Domain Park or have heard about the "taco in a helmet" they serve, this is about 3X the size. The Philadelphian fans of all their sports have a reputation of being obnoxious and rude to any out of towners, but since it was a Sunday day game I guess they weren't in their usual rare form. We got heckled like any opposing fans usually do, but it was nothing out of the ordinary. If you just laugh it off things don't usually escalate. Ike got us on the board early with a 2 run HR to right field (photo above) in the 1st inning. Pelf looked shaky at times but got deep enough in the game to get the W had the pen been able to slam the door. He gave up just 1 run and was in multiple jams but motored through. A sweep would have been awesome but the series win is a step in the right direction. Keep winning series' especially against our division. KEEP CALM AND CHEER ON! We've got a long way to go. LGM 2012! Thanks again for the tickets Jon!

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