My Advice to the Mets

The Mets decided to update their t-shirt design for the next "T-shirt Tuesday" at Citi Field. Not trying to take credit for it, but I have a feeling they may have read my blog rant. If not, I am glad they are paying attention to the other fans who were feeling the same way about their designs.  They decided to go the orange and blue route (white was the original) which of course should be the top priority in anything they design. They took the original black print and turned it to orange which is cool but makes it look like the negative when printed on a dark color shirt. My advice would be to keep the design itself blue, which will be the shirt color showing through and just outline it in orange. I mocked it up to show you what I mean. Gives it a much nicer look and is the identical price. Still would be considered a one color print. If you read this and have time to change it that would be my advice.  I am not looking to get anything out of this. I genuinely want the Mets to sell more tickets and come out with some kick ass tees. I'd like to get one myself before the end of the season.

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