No Contract Offer, No Boos!

Since I was such a supporter of Jose Reyes staying with the Mets last season people have been asking my opinion on how I'll feel when he'll return this Tuesday. Will I boo? No. Will I cheer? I don't think so. I don't think it's right that the Mets are playing a video tribute before the game. Playing that is pretty much telling the fans that we should clap by jamming it down their throats. I understand it's customary to play when an ex player comes back to town. That being said the Mets haven't had a player like this leave in a long time.  Piazza was a different story because he was near the end of his career and not playing for a division rival. Reyes is still in the prime of his career, if his legs stay healthy. Not saying how anyone else should feel but personally I'm not mad at Jose. He is a talent in the league that deserved to be paid. The Mets couldn't afford him and made NO OFFER. The Marlins did and now he's gone. Taking himself out of the last game? I didn't like that, but what can we do about it now? Jose didn't know that was going to be his last AB when he layed down the bunt in the bottom of the 1st. He should have at least went out for the 2nd inning if they were going to take him out of the game. That way the fans could have given him a hearty ovation that would have eventually been his send off. Deal with it and move on. He now plays for the enemy and once the game starts he is just another guy in an opposing uniform.

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