Out with the old, in with the Ruben!

Lots of mixed emotions last night at the ballpark. As I walked in Citi Field I saw more than a few confused fans wearing Reyes Mets jerseys with Miami Marlins hats. They weren't in the same group of friends, so more than a few people had that same twisted idea, whatever that may be. A large group of Reyes supporters were down the LF line and roared as he came out to stretch. I settled down in section 109 near the Mets warming up and few of the players stopped to check out my sign. Pretty sure Wright pointed it out to Ruben and Murphy smiled and tossed me up a ball. I guess the players have the same feeling. Enough with the Reyes media frenzy. He's been gone since December and it's time to finally move on and get behind our boy Ruben. I was front and center trying to rally behind Reyes, but there is no use crying over spilt milk. I'd love to have him but since he's gone I'm just as happy to see him go 0-4 in his return. I filmed the pre-game video tribute and was curious what the reaction would be. With so much talk about this I thought more people would care to watch, but I guess it's really just the media who needed some extra hype about the game. Most people missed it or had no reaction; some boos but mostly cheers. Reyes tipped his cap, the game began and he ALMOST led off with a HR. You know damn well the beat reporters were hoping that cleared the wall. Lucky for us Captain Kirk got a good jump and chalked up out #1.  (photo by Gordon Donovan) During the game a few JOSE chants could be heard (@Pessimets_ ) , some fans waved dollar bills in the air during his last at bat and boos echoed when he recorded outs against us at SS. As per usual there was no run support for Johan but great to see him have a solid outing after getting roughed up last week. In the end Mets scored late to give him the ND and Rauch the W. Mets win, Reyes and the Marlins lose.... I like the sound of that. Now somebody go put a jinx on the Nationals before they run away with this shit!

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