They're real and they're AMAZIN'

Since this shirt came out a couple weeks ago girls have been sending us their photos and of course... we're posting them for you to see. You ladies don't have many options in fan apparel. Victoria Secret has a line with their PINK department, but to be honest in my opinion they're all super cheesy. I'm not saying this to try and convince you to buy my merch instead, if you're into that by all means go buy them, I just see nothing appealing about a shirt that says PLAY BALL or MEET ME AT THE METS GAME. It's really unoriginal and has no ties to being specifically geared toward the team you love. They just change the garment color/team name and sell them in every other store in the states. That same shirt you're wearing sells in Philly and is red. I personally like quality and originality and I feel that the growth of The 7 Line is credited to you guys knowing that you're buying a shirt from one of your own, the fan in the stands. I'll try my best to come out with some more creative shirts for you ladies...  just keep those photos coming so your fellow fans know where to shop! Get your AMAZIN' shirt HERE. FOR THE FANS, BY THE FANS. LGM!  

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