Chicks Dig A Big Head

I was in the middle of printing tees last week and this popped in my brain. I had a rough idea in the past of something close to this, but didn't think of a way to pull it off. I didn't just want a silhouette of baseball's favorite mascot. Not that this is all that clever, but the head tops off the I which makes sense and looks pretty good graphically. I think most people would get a smile out of this shirt regardless if they're baseball fans or not. Like most ideas for the brand, I did a quick pen sketch in my book and put it on my to do list of things to work on when I get computer time. My buddy Brian whipped up the head, I tossed in the text, mocked it up on a shirt and BAM, a new idea is born. Not every idea actually goes to print but I'll feel this one out around the net to gauge interest. If the fans want em... it'll come to life. That's the beauty of printing everything yourself. Feel it out before getting stuck with batches of tees you can't sell. LGM!

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