Last season we ran a very popular promotion called 8UP that damn well almost had me broke when the Mets scored something like 14 runs a game for a few days straight. Tonight, the Mets came from behind yet again to sweep the Phillies on the road with an impressive never say die attitude. I've been saying it since before the season started and I'll say it again; I see something in this group of guys. An "eye of the tiger" if you will. Positive thinking and confidence go a long way and although Utley and Howard are not in the lineup a sweep of the rival Phillies on the road is no easy task. Momentum is the key and the Mets will be headed into Miami with their heads up high. Not saying they'll sweep again but I am feeling a very strong 2 out of 3. Tonight's final score of 10-6 opens the gate to our first 8UP sale of the season. Use the code 8UP and you'll receive 20% off your order on anything in the TEES category. Make sure you enter it BEFORE checking out as we will not adjust the transaction after it has been completed. Also, please make sure to check that your shipping address is correct. The code will only be good until 9:30am tomorrow morning so ACT FAST! Now go buy some tees at a discount! You deserve it for being such a kick ass Mets fan! LGM! HUGE WIN! KEEP CALM AND CHEER ON!
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