Captain Wright

What a start for Wright! Leading the NL in batting at .402 (tied with Hamilton in the AL) and a .489 OBP, the dude is on freakin fire. With this being crunch time there are a few scenarios playing out in front of our eyes. Before the season started talks were that if Wright started off hot, as he has, that would only raise his value and give the Mets the option to get top dollar for him. He could have also been stinking up the joint and in that case it might be easier for the fans to accept his departure. The other is that he is making such a case on the field and at the plate (and the team is winning) that the team is forced to pay the man. They can't keep at this pace just a couple games out of 1st place and dump the top dog. Sandy has said he doesn't foresee David going anywhere, but you know how that goes. I obviously can't speak for everyone, but I personally want Wright on this team for years to come. The "face of the franchise" is our only puzzle piece left from the team we had such high hopes for. Now these young "underdogs" are gelling and are making serious noise in the NL East. This CAPTAIN shirt idea is my way of saying how I feel about Wright. He is the veteran on this team who has led by example since getting to the bigs. Always seems to say and do the right things and it's become apparent more so now than ever that he is in fact the CAPTAIN with or without the C patch on his chest. His leadership is needed by both his fellow players and us fans. We can't get rid of the captain. PAY THE MAN! Tees on sale NOW! Shipping at the end of the week!

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