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Yesterday CBS New York ran a story on their website about the possibility of the Mets preparing a long term deal for David Wright. What's crazy about the story is that they actually opened it with two paragraphs about me and The 7 Line in reference to last year with the "Don't Trade Reyes" campaign.
FROM CBS New York:
"Remember last season’s day in, day out Jose Reyes drama? It seems The 7 Line entrepreneur Darren Meenan’s popular “Don’t Trade Reyes” sign could be seen nightly at Citi Field. After the deadline, some Mets fans wore T-shirts imploring their All-Star shortstop to “Please Stay Jose.” Of course, when it was all said and done, Reyes signed with Miami. He never even received a formal offer from New York. The ballpark in Flushing may look and feel the same this summer with another homegrown superstar’s future in question. Then again, maybe it won’t."
Just goes to show the power a t-shirt and some signs can have over the local big market media. I don't use the word "power" as an ego thing... the fans are what spread the word. They had the power to get the message out to every ball park the Mets played in last summer. I got the ball rolling and everyone ran with it. Fans showed up in Detroit, LA, Texas, Florida, Washington and a few other parks with their own shirts and signs blaring. People united over this movement and it was awesome to see so much motivation and passion from the fans. As we all know the Mets didn't trade Reyes. They also didn't sign him so the point was made but the end result wasn't what we had hoped. It was crazy to see how fast it spread and it's even crazier that it's still getting press almost a year later. I truly hope the Mets sign Wright. Some people are nervous that this fast start won't last and the second he signs a deal his numbers will plummet. Odds are this pace wont go to October without some cold streaks, which is expected, but either way Wright is a leader whether the team is winning or losing. You surely won't see a Francisco meltdown from Wright. We need someone like him in the lineup and clubhouse day in and day out. A cool head from a man that tries to say and do the right thing. We have potential to build around Wright and let the pieces come together to get back on top. PAY WRIGHT! LGM!

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