KIRK t-shirt now available!

One of the best parts about running every aspect of your own business is how quickly an idea can come to life. The idea for this shirt was submitted to us on Twitter from @G_be_me and from that rough draft became the artwork you see here. I wanted the art to look like real handwriting so I whipped it up on paper and scanned it in to do the finishing touches on my computer. The films and screens were made this morning and just before game time I fired off 15 shirts to give the players and one for Josh Lewin at WFAN. He requested one yesterday after seeing the first draft on Twitter. So within 24 hours the idea went from Twitter, to my computer, to the t-shirt press and finally the Mets clubhouse. Now that's some quick turnaround! We'll post pics of the players rocking them as they surface. For now you can pick up one of your own over on the webstore by clicking HERE.

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