Fan of the week!

My girlfriend ran in to this nice old lady in the McFadden's bathroom at Citi Field on Monday night. I wish I could have asked her a couple questions about her fandom, but I felt it may be weird to stroll into the women's bathroom. I love how she is cheesin' and has her hand on her hip. I feel like that is a females go to pose no matter her age. I love hearing stories from old fans. Their first baseball memories, where that awesome hat came from, Dodgers or Giants? They've seen sports and more importantly the world change drastically during their lives. People tend to have short tempers with the eldery; which is a shame because odds are they'd love to talk to you about just about anything. Keeps them young I guess. They were around before texting and e-mails and perfected the original form of communication. So be nice to the old heads. They were your age once.. and if you're lucky you'll live to tell stories about your crazy days at the ball park.
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