My mind is always racing and 9 times out of 10 it's about a new idea for this brand. Since I stayed in on a rare Friday night I was up at 7 this morning full of energy with nothing to do. After two loads of laundry, a bowl of cereal and some coffee I sat at the computer and whipped this graphic up. After checking my facts with Brian Erni and Michael Baron ( to make sure I didn't miss any players, a new shirt idea was born. On April 26th the Mets fielded an all homegrown roster which hasn't happened since 1971. They went on to win 3 to 2 against the Marlins to cap the sweep at Citi Field. If you follow this brand you know that not EVERY idea comes to life. I post things on here along with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to gauge interest. Sometimes I think an idea is awesome and the masses think it sucks. Obviously ideas like that get scrapped and never hit the press. Whatcha think of this one? Thanks Omar!

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