Turner on Mets Weekly and fan Email

Justin Turner has been a huge supporter of ours this season and it was awesome to see him rocking The Duda-Bides shirt on SNY's Mets Weekly this past Sunday. Justin plays a key role for the Mets. As the sole utility guy he can play pretty much any position and had consistent starting time last season due to all the injuries. This teams "Super Joe" McEwing if you will. Justin seems to throughly enjoy his time as a professional athlete. I feel more guys should have his fun approach to the game. Play hard when called on while bonding with your teammates in the clubhouse. Team unity goes a long way and as I've been saying since Spring Training I think this team has it. I  recieved this email from a fan named Pete Denver. Pete and his buddy had tickets with access to the Delta Club behind home plate. If you haven't been in there, they have small windows overlooking the indoor batting cages. He took a peek to see what was going on and this was his view...... Turner is building that chemistry Pete. He's been the link between my shirts and the players and it's such an amazing feeling to turn the TV on to see players wear my shirts. It's an even better feeling to know that it might be possibly helping the team unite even if it's just to have a couple laughs. LGM!

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