Fan mail for the Mets players and The 7 Line

I received this very touching e-mail yesterday from Mets fan Vanessa Batista. I told her that I don't have all the players e-mail addresses but a few of them have been known to read this blog. I never imagined a t-shirt could be a spark plug in someones life. It gives me great joy to to be a small part in helping Vanessa and her Father enjoy more good times together. Keep your head up Dad! Happy you're feeling better! LGM!
          Darren, I know you must get a ton of emails a day from people everywhere expressing their gratitude as Mets, Jets, Knicks fans  for the love you put into your company. If you have a few free minutes I hope you can read this email and my expression of thanks. My father raised me as a die hard mets fan. My first memory of life is sitting next to him at Shea catching my first mets game. Over the past seven years my father has been battling severe depression. He was injured at his job and was the most hard working man you could ever imagine. Working 12-14 hour shifts doing whatever he could to provide for his family. His favorite thing in life is the Mets, good or terrible he's a fan. I don't believe he has ever missed watching a game in his life. Recently over the past year he lost his step father who rasied him his own father passed away young from ( suicide from depression of being a post war veteran), his two closest cousins and my grandma has been diagnosed with demensia. My father fell into a deep depression. There were times when we thought we had truly lost him. I went on The 7 Line one day after a friend told me about your t-shirts and ordered him one for his birthday and fathers day. I took him to a game and surprised him with the shirts. It was the first time I saw my father smile in a long time. We had a great time at the game even though the team lost. Your tshirt was the main focus of our talk on the way home. He absolutely loves all the shirts and I share ur posts and pictures with him since he is not computer savy. You truly refueled his love for the team that is his life. Thank you for helping to put the light and spark back into my dads eyes. This year since the spring he is raving about his Mets and what an exciting and scrappy team we have. If you can please forward this email to the team and thank them from the bottom of my heart for the way they play the game. They have bought me and my dad closer together than ever. We talk every night about Wrights batting average, how exciting Kirk is and how Dickey is lights out. The team and yourself has played a role in giving me back my dad and for that I am so grateful. Keep doing what your doing. It means a lot to people wether they express it or not. Thank you!!! xoxo -Vanessa Batista"

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