FU Philly banned by MSG

From Boomer & Carton radio topic, design/screenprint and to Citi Field in under 12 hours. Now the shirt is banned by MSG. Doesn't really make much sense since they broadcasted over 3 hours of airtime on the "FU PHILLY" topic yesterday and posted a story on the CBSNEWYORK.COM site. My only guess is that the network got heat from some oversensitive viewers. Carton planned to wear this today on the show but MSG pulled the plug. I was headed in to the city this morning to deliver the shirts to the crew but got an e-mail from Al Dukes at 5:50am letting me know the plans had changed. Last night at Citi Field the shirt wasn't a problem at all. Fans and staff alike loved it and I got countless laughs and smiles. More than one person came up to me and said "ALREADY! I heard that on the radio this morning" another guy in a suit "That was quick!". That's how we do, strike quick. B&C asked for the shirts and we delivered the same day. Just because Carton can't rock one doesn't mean you should deprive yourself. Get one HERE. And FU PHILLY! GO SHOP!  

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