LF Party Deck Photos and Review

[nggallery id=10] Last Friday night was our second annual trip to Citi Field. With the rain and humidity being pretty brutal the last two weeks, we really lucked out with a beautiful night. I bought 50 tickets for the new LF Party City deck and within the first night 30 of them were sold. Everyone was anxious to check out the new experience at Citi Field. Before the season started I set up an appointment to meet with my ticket rep Chris Leuth at Citi Field. He gave me a tour of the new wall construction and showed me the progress on the new LF Party City deck. I was instantly sold and knew we'd throw a fun event out there. Last season I booked a suite in late September and ended up getting stuck with a few tickets. The price was high and the team was already out of the playoffs. It's hard to convince fans to spend hundreds of dollars to go watch a team with no hopes of October baseball. Even when you throw in unlimited beers and food it's just not enough. We had a great time but I ended up losing money. This year blew last years event out of the water. The view and experience can not be matched anywhere else in the stadium. I've sat in literally every section of the park and have been inside every club. The LF Party City deck is where you want to be. The price is right between $100-$175 (ticket, beer and food included) depending on who they are playing and best of all you are OUTSIDE. A suite is a fun time since you are half in/out but I never understood why anyone would spend money to go watch the game on a TV inside the Caesars club. Does that make sense to you? "Great, Caesars club access!"... who cares? I want to be outside with the fans. The sounds and cheers of the ball game. Kevin Burkhardt stopped by to keep the tradition alive. He visited our suite last year as well and this year kept the streak going. KB is a cool guy and very approachable to the fans. He hung out for about an inning, joking around with the fans and posing for a couple photos. To the Mets, BRAVO! Everyone involved did a great job. The staff was awesome, the Mets won and all the fans in attendance throughly enjoyed themselves. I've heard from numerous guests who can't wait for the next one. My buddy who hits over 25 games per season summed it up "The night was one of the best baseball experiences of my life". That pretty much says it. Everyone loved it. The following day 3 home run balls landed in the deck. One being a grand salami from Mike Nickeas. We were just a day too early. We'll be back, we were just warming it up! If you get a chance to hit a game on the LF Party City Deck I highly recommend it. LGM! To check out about 75 more photos from the night hit up our Facebook page.  

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