Blogger Tailgate Party this Sunday!

This Sunday afternoon before the late ESPN game is the first "Blogger Tailgate Party" at Citi Field. There have been plenty of meet up's before but collectively this will be the first where we will all be tailgating together. This photo to the left has absolutely nothing to do with this post besides it being a moment caught in time of an epic day back in September of 2008. We went early for a weekend double header and partied in the lot before the first game and in between during the break before game 2. I have no idea who that guy is but we had a great time talking baseball and slugging down beers. Perfect strangers bonding over our common bond of love for the NY Mets. We hope to do the same this Sunday with all of you. I asked Brian Erni from to say a little something about the day:
I'm sure there have been times where you've either agreed with us, and thought we were crazy. Heartily retweeted us, or banged your head against your desk because of something we wrote. But one thing is for certain: we all love the New York Mets. So this Sunday, let's do what Mets fans do best: have a good time and talk some baseball. Prior to the Sunday night game against the Cardinals, a bunch of Mets bloggers will be grilling, drinking and hanging out at the commuter lot on Roosevelt Avenue by Willets Point starting at 3:30pm. It's a chance to meet some of the guys you read on a daily basis. Ever wanted to know if Kerel Cooper from On the Black is as debonair as he appears on YouTube? Or meet the faces behind the men they call Media Goon or Ceetar? Who knows? Maybe you'll even end up a subject of one of Randy Medina's famous photoshop jobs on Read The Apple. Come down and have a dog and a beer in your orange and blue. Shirts from The 7 Line and/or obscure Mets jerseys encouraged!
So that's pretty much it. I'll be there with the others and all are welcome. We should have enough food on hand for you to down a free dog or burger but of course contributions to the coolers are welcomed. I'll also be bringing cornhole boards if anyone is up for the challenge. SEEYA THERE! LGM!

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