HI57ORY in Flushing. Video and Tshirt.

Wow, it really happened! What a night to be at Citi Field. Reasons like last night are why I try to never miss a home game. It had to happen eventually, and I am very happy that it took place at home. In our stadium, in front of our fans. Around the 4th inning I got that feeling we all get when you see the three zeros on the board. Runs, hits and errors. Johan was tossing a gem and the only thing I was nervous about was his pitch count. I'm not very superstitious, but I had to hit the bathroom around the 5th and somehow held it until the end of the game. By the 9th I think my bladder was numb from the pain. After getting to my seat I never left the 2 foot square. Either sitting, standing or squirming. We were watching history and I didn't want to miss a thing. Baxter aka "The Pride of Whitestone" came up HUGE in the 7th on a ball that most guys would have dropped. He tracked it down and reeled it in just before crashing in to the LF wall. He without a doubt saved a hit and put Johan and the whole fan base on his back. Baxter had to leave the game but will go down in the books along with Santana. We are all hoping for a quick recovery. His head and shoulder took the brunt of the fall and he looked pretty beat up leaving the field. In the 8th, TC came out for a mound visit and I thought the end may be near. He was due up to bat 3rd in the order in the bottom of the 8th and I have a feeling this was one of those "this is your last batter... make it count" talks.  After getting out of the inning we were 3 outs away and up by 8 runs. I was wishing they didn't even have to bat so we could get on with it already. What happened next felt like a dream. It was the 9th inning and we were watching a no hitter at Citi Field. The girl next to me had no idea why I was waiting until after the game to pee and I was sure as hell not going to jinx it and tell her. Nice girl, but she was oblivious as to what was unfolding before her very eyes. After going down 3-0 to Freese, on the 134th pitch Johan battled back for the strike out. It happened. NO HITTER! The place went crazy as you can see from the video above and I'm so happy I was there to live it. Great game with a solid group of fans up in section 513. I'l never forget last night. Shouts to the Citi Field Shea Hooligans for welcoming me in to their section. Also, sorry to my girlfriend who couldn't make the game. I offered her ticket up to my oldest buddy Brien Shoemaker and he jumped on it. Good decision Shoe! Citi Field now feels like home. What a way to spend a Friday night in Queens! Get your HI57ORY shirt NOW!!!!

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