Where are my shirts?!?!

We've been getting tweets, e-mails and Facebook posts asking when the HI57ORY shirts will be shipped. Since releasing the shirt last Saturday morning it has quickly become our all time best seller. Previously the top dog was the Shea Catcher print and that has been up for over 2 years. This HI57ORY design topped that in under a week. This is just to give you a round about idea of how many orders are waiting to go out. If you read in the product description this shirt was sold as a pre-sale item. Meaning they would be shipped after we got an idea of how many to print. They were printed and started to ship yesterday. The response was overwhelming so please be patient. They are going out in the order the sales came in. You will get an e-mail with tracking info once your shipping label has been printed. You'll get your shirt ASAP! I know how anxious you can get while waiting for a package to arrive. I promise you won't be disappointed. THANKS GUYS!
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