These girls are FANS!

This is Rachel (left) and Susannah (right) on Thursday night. They happened to be walking by the Shea Bridge as the SNY broadcast cut to commercial and got some air time rocking our Darth Dickey t-shirts. Thanks girls! Yesterday's post featured a photo of Susannah and a guy wearing the bootlegged shirt. I wasn't clear enough about the scene and left out that the girls who went down to inquire about the shirts were in fact the ones who also snapped the picture. Susannah asked "Hey can I take picture with you? I like that shirt" so that we would have evidence. What happened next is typical of the internet, and luckily Susannah has thick skin. The comments on here and Facebook were way out of line. I don't need to go in to detail but they were meant to bring her down. This is not how I'd expect our fellow Mets fans to act. Maybe you thought she had something to do with the bootlegging and were attempting to get even with harsh comments? I can attest that both of these girls are huge fans and making fun of someones appearance behind a computer screen is very uncalled for no matter the situation. Rachel aka @RachWynn hits more games than most of my "die hard" friends. I officially met Rachel down in spring training with her father Evan aka @Evwynn44. With our common bond of Mets fandom we instantly hit it off, bowled some frames at Duffy's and tailgated before the games at Digital Domain Park. Since then we've hung out a bunch of times this season at both Citi Field and on the road when the Mets played down in Citizens Bank Park. It's awesome to see a father and daughter bond over baseball. They have a Sunday game package, but also hit as many other games as possible. Not to mention they commute from CT and get to more games than some people who live in Queens. I'm so happy I met this duo, they have great energy and are the epitome of what I'd hope to be surrounded by at the games.     I don't know as much about Susannah aka @SoozyWild other other than she's a die hard fan who just moved back to NY. She went to the recent series in Chicago and has been to a bunch of games at Citi Field this season. She also hits games with her pops and was the one responsible for suggesting that Tim Byrdak should donate the chicken "Little Jerry" to the rescue farm in upstate NY. Baseball is important to her and I'd hate for her to get a bad impression of our fan base because of a few knuckleheads who have diarrhea of the keyboard. Chin up girl! Moral of this blog? Not to just back up Susannah about yesterday, but to take notice that girls can be REAL baseball fans. While it's easy to just say you're a fan, these two girls walk the walk. A die hard female fan is few and far between. While most girls "follow" the teams that their family or boyfriends are fans of it's awesome that these two are breaking the mold. HIgh five to all you girls out there that truly bleed orange and blue! LGM!

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