Brooklyn Queens Double Header

Who's interested in a double header next Tuesday?!?! The Cyclones are playing at 11am and our beloved Mets have a night game against the division rival Nationals.  We'd meet up at Citi around 9am and vans would pick us up near the Shea Stadium HR apple on Roosevelt avenue to get us there in time for the early game in Coney Island. After the game in Brooklyn we would then have the vans drive us back to Citi Field for the night game. A one hour open bar would be in effect for us between 6 and 7pm along with a free appetizer. The tickets to the night game would be in the Ceasars Box area and the day game would be somewhere on the field level. If you've ever been to a Cyclones game there's not a bad seat in the house. The price per person will be $90 including transportation and gratuity. What you spend inside the games will be out of your own pockets. I will only book this if I can get 28 people interested. The vans hold 14 people each and the price of $90 was what I calculated if we fill two vans and split the costs evenly. If we have time we'll stop at the Nathans famous hot dog spot to toss down a couple tube steaks Joey Chestnut style. Who's down? Could be an epic day! (shout to Rich Sullivan for e-mailing me with this idea)

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