Binghamton Mets! THIS IS AWESOME!

Holy cow this is awesome! Thanks to our friend and season ticket holder Eileen Plunkett we are now working on a promotion with the Binghamton Mets! A couple nights ago a fan of ours (Rob Locker) tweeted us from the game saying that the team was giving away our KIRK shirt to a fan and mentioned The 7 Line on the scoreboard. I thought he was either pulling my leg, was mistaken or had a few too many beers. After some back and forth communication about it and a RT from the @bmets account turns out it was true. Eileen gave the team a couple shirts to help promote the brand. I offered to send up a box of tees if we can keep this going for the rest of the season and the team was down. Last night I whipped up this graphic and they just tested it out on the screen to make sure the resolution and placement was ok. So pumped on this. Who's down for a roadtrip to Bingo this month? I need to go check this out in person! Thank you Eileen! Thank you Rob Locker! Thank you BINGHAMTON METS!

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