Calendar Girls: Leader Board

  We have over 30,000 votes tallied so far to pick the 12 calendar girls for our 2013 edition! The polls have been open for a week now and will close in a week from today. At 1pm on Monday the 20th we will know who will grace our 2013 pages. If the voting ended right now these would be our ladies: 1st. Ilya - 1,570 votes 2nd. Nicole - 1,139 votes 3rd. Chantalle - 1,133 votes 4th. Fatima - 1,130 votes 5th. Courtney - 1,129 votes 6th. Stephanie D - 1,121 votes 7th. Kerri - 1,085 votes 8th. Calise - 988 votes 9th. Jamie - 975 votes 10th. Athena - 941 votes 11th. Diana - 937 votes 12th. Bonnie - 910 votes Christi (907) and Alexandria (901) would narrowly miss the top 12. That just shows how tight this race is. Is your favorite girl not in the top 12? At this point it's still anyones game. Spread the word! You can vote 1 time per girl per IP address to keep it fair! Like last year the girl who gets the most votes picks her month. 2nd-12th will each pick one at a time until every month is called for. That's just a little incentive to be on the top. Boomer & Carton also invited some of the top 12 to come in during their live show on WFAN/MSG in early September. GOOD LUCK GIRLS! HAVE FUN ON THE CAMPAIGN TRAIL! GO VOTE!!!!

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