Event: Final game 2012

  What better way to spend the final home game of the 2012 season than with 499 other die hards? Lets face it, every tough loss is bringing us closer towards elimination. I have my fingers crossed and rub my lucky penny before every game hoping for a miracle, but reality is we are more than likely going to miss out on the postseason... again. I haven't missed the final home game in as long as I can remember and feel like this year we can have one hell of a time out there in the Big Apple Reserve . Hopefully it'll become a tradition for our group and you'll be at the inaugural year. The seats are just to the right of the HR Apple near the food court area. There's an arrow on the graphic above pointing it out. Pretty awesome seats and a convenient location to the food, beer, bathrooms and steps away from McFadden's. The cost for the tickets are $30 a piece. I'm also tossing in a special event shirt for that day. This isn't about me making loot, I just want to have a good time with some fellow fans. I'm happy to organize it, print the shirts and do the leg work to make the day one we'll never forget. After the game you can do an optional open bar at McFaddens for $20 to wind down and officially close our 2012 Citi Field season. God willing we'll be headed to the playoffs and this will be a celebration party! We bought 500 tickets and over 400 of them are already sold! Still some left! This is going to be an awesome day at Citi Field! BUY YOURS NOW!!!!! MAKE SURE YOU WRITE WHAT SIZE SHIRT YOU WANT IN THE ADDITIONAL INFORMATION AREA OF THE TRANSACTION!

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