Dickey: Rules are Rules

Rules are rules. I get it. MLB says pitchers can't have anything distractive on their person. Especially on their pitching arms. Dickey and Felix both had bracelets on their glove hands yesterday. One tossed a perfect game. One had to cut off meaningful friendship bracelets. If the rules state that nothing can be worn on the pitchers wrists why wait until August to enforce it? Dickey's been wearing them since January before climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, handmade gifts from his daughters. Plenty of things get overlooked throughout the league. In the middle of the game is clearly not the time to approach Dickey about his minor infraction. Climbing the mountain, Spring Training, every bullpen, every start, the All Star Game, 15 wins.... these pieces of thread woven with love by his daughters haven't left his wrist. I'm sure if Dickey had been approached before the game and was told that umpires are cracking down due to heat from MLB he'd comply. This same umpiring crew called a Dickey start earlier in the season and it was no problem. Dickey tossed in the ASG and it was no problem. If they are going to be this strict, all aspects of uniform regulations should be tightened up. Oversized, baggy uniforms should not be allowed. Sloppy untucked shirts or pockets turned inside out (JV1) should not be allowed. Tilted hats should not be allowed. If they're going to crack down may as well make everyone look proper. Keep it consistent. Not that Dickey should get any kind of pass, but being the family man he is, having to cut off meaningful bracelets given to him by his daughters before his journey to Mount Kilimanjaro mean more to him than a flashy piece of expensive jewelry. During the game was not the time to address it.

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