Calendar Girls 2013: The results are in!

It was a hard fought battle for our 2013 calendar girl nominees. For the last two weeks the polls were open and votes consistently poured in. We were lucky to have 51 girls try out this year and instead of giving ourselves the hard task of choosing our favorites, we left it in the hands of the fans. Votes were collected per IP address to keep it fair. You could vote for as many girls as you'd like but only once per device to avoid ballot stuffing. It was a tight race! 40,203 votes were tallied and here are the results: 1st. Ilya 1,847 votes 2nd. Courtney 1,644 votes 3rd. Stephanie 1,622 votes 4th Fatima 1,564 votes 5th. Nicole 1,526 votes 6th. Chantalle 1,521 votes 7th. Athena 1,455 votes 8th. Diana 1,454 votes 9th. Calise 1,441 votes 10th. Piti 1,420 votes 11th. Bonnie 1,380 votes 12th. Kerri 1,378 votes As you can see it was a pretty close race. Don't be discouraged if you didn't make it in girls! All of you would have been great for our pages and it really did come down to the wire. 12th and 13th were decided by just ONE vote and 6th to 12th were decided by less than 80. One of these girls tried out for last years calendar and didn't make it. This year she's in. Just like the Mets, there's always NEXT YEAR! Thank you all for trying out. We were blown away by the amount of entries! We'll be shooting the calendar in a couple weeks and of course there will be some preview photos and videos to follow. LGM!

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